Upgrades at Greenhill Lodge and Flinders Lodge in Adelaide

Cancer Council SA operates two accommodation Lodges in Adelaide for cancer patients, their carers and families attending treatment in Adelaide, and will be using funds from Dry July 2015 towards upgrades at these Lodges.

Many of the rooms at the Lodges have not been upgraded since the Lodges were purchased due to funding constraints. Upgrades will include painting rooms, re-carpeting, lighting improvements, new curtains and a new ceiling for bathrooms. These upgrades need to be made to approximately 90 rooms.

Over 50 people living in rural and remote South Australia are diagnosed with cancer every week and they are less likely to undertake or complete treatment than people in Adelaide. Living large distances from the nearest cancer treatment centre is an extra burden faced by thousands of people living in regional and rural areas of South Australia. On top of a cancer diagnosis, they have to worry about leaving family, not being able to work, the additional costs of travelling for treatment and finding accommodation. 

This increases stress levels and can place an enormous strain on finances and relationships, with treatment often taking up to 6 weeks. Thousands of families impacted by cancer are provided with assistance that relieves some stress by staying at a Cancer Council Lodge. Accommodation is one less thing people diagnosed with cancer need to worry about and it enables them to access the treatment they need. Cancer Council Lodges provide:

  • A safe and affordable place to stay in Adelaide close to treatment centres 
  • Subsidised accommodation for guests who qualify for the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS). Each year this represents a $2 million saving for rural and remote cancer patients 
  • Regular transport to some treatment centres with a free service operated by our volunteers 
  • Healthy and affordable meals at the lodge restaurant plus facilities for home cooking 
  • A free laundry 
  • An opportunity to make friends and talk to people with similar experiences